What Is Screening? Flucamp Medical Trials London

The screening process

Screening actually begins with the online form you submit. The next phase takes place during your initial phone call with FluCamp. We will ask you a number of questions to establish whether we feel you are suitable to attend the first screening appointment at one of our facilities that is closest to you, to ensure that we aren’t wasting your time. We will also ensure that you understand the FluCamp process, and what will happen next.

During this screening we will take a small blood sample from you, which we will send away for special analysis to check your blood antibody levels. For you to be eligible for the next stage of screening these need to be within a range that we require. These results normally take around 3-4 weeks to come back to us.

If you have an eligible result, we can then invite you to the second stage of screening. This takes place at our facility in London only. You will come in for blood tests and a general check-up. It will take approximately two hours. This stage usually takes a complete review of your medical history, a blood test, urine sample, height and weight and an ECG.

Our screening process is vital as we only take on low-risk volunteers for the FluCamp trials. Volunteer safety is a priority, so we cannot guarantee that you will take part in the trial after attending a screening. If you have any further questions you can contact us.