The Everyday Hero

Whilst we may not all get the opportunity to be Batman, we can all take every day opportunities to give back to both our local community and the wider global community. Thanks to the internet, altruism has become a globally recognised phenomenon, with support of schemes like ‘pay it forward’ and ‘random acts of kindness’ taking off across the world.

Social media has also allowed many to raise awareness of illnesses, diseases and blood shortages that need immediate attention. Indeed, reactions to campaigns like these have saved many lives.

At FluCamp, we are proud of the volunteers who take part in our trials. Whilst cold and flu is fortunately relatively harmless for most healthy and young people; a nuisance rather than critical, for the elderly and vulnerable the flu can be a more troubling diagnosis. Sadly, the flu virus can prove fatal for those who are older or are suffering from a compromised immune system.

Our volunteers are helping us research causes and potential cures for viruses that strike down vulnerable people daily. That’s why we like to think of our volunteers as everyday heroes! By giving up some of their time, they are helping us find a way to save lives.



If you would like to be an #everydayhero and volunteer for our FluCamp trials, then please get in touch!


Help change the world

In exchange for just two weeks of their time, volunteers can walk away with the knowledge that they are helping the future of medical research – and contributing towards discovering a cure for cold and flu viruses that will change the world as we know it.

Our studies are conducted in London, but we will have a chat with you first to assess if you are suitable. You can find out more about our FluCamp trials for cold and flu viruses and also read testimonials from our own Everyday Heroes!

Find out below how an everyday hero found the FluCamp experience…