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Make a difference

Social media has also allowed many to raise awareness of illnesses, diseases and blood shortages that need immediate attention. Indeed, reactions to campaigns like these have saved many lives.

At FluCamp, we are proud of the volunteers who take part in our trials. Whilst cold and flu is fortunately relatively harmless for most healthy and young people; a nuisance rather than critical, for the elderly and vulnerable the flu can be a more troubling diagnosis. Sadly, the flu virus can prove fatal for those who are older or are suffering from a compromised immune system.

Our volunteers are helping us research causes and potential cures for viruses that strike down vulnerable people daily. That’s why we like to think of our volunteers as everyday heroes! By giving up some of their time, they are helping us find a way to save lives.

Common Questions

Do you pay for my travel?

We do contribute towards the costs volunteers incur when travelling to our clinics. For example, we will reimburse £40 for any volunteer attending their first pre-screening appointment to give a blood sample. This payment is processed via a link we send you in an email approximately one day after your appointment. If you’re eligible to attend the second stage of screening we do assist further (£70).

Why is FluCamp residential?

Volunteers joining FluCamp for a clinical trial stay with us on a residential basis in one of our purpose built rooms. Because it’s so important that the data we collect (from samples like blood and mucus ) is ‘clean’, volunteers must stay in quarantine conditions for the whole study. Additionally for this reason, our staff wear masks to comply with infection control guidelines. Find out more about why Flucamp trials are residential.

Are there any likely side effects and should I be worried?

At screening, a blood sample may be required. This is a standard procedure which is unlikely to cause any problems, but on occasion it may be uncomfortable and there is a risk of minor bruising or phlebitis (inflammation of the vein). This is something that normally clears up itself with no further trouble. Our quarantine volunteers (the volunteers who have past two screening visits and who are invited to participate in the full trial) are given a diluted virus so it’s likely that they may experience some mild cold or flu like symptoms. We often then test a new medication that we would like to fight the virus. If we are testing a new medicine, volunteers may experience some side effects. However, before reaching FluCamp, the medication will have already been tested on humans and passed strict safety tests.

Are there any serious health issues that I should know about?

We understand that there may be some concerns when it comes to clinical trials. However, we have a very rigorous screening programme here at FluCamp, which means we only accept volunteers who we believe are fit and healthy enough to take part. We conduct in-depth health checks and you will not be selected if we do not believe you are fully healthy. This ensures volunteers who join a study are at minimal risk. The medication we use in our studies has already been tested on humans in accordance with relevent regulations . The virus is only administered in small doses and you will be monitored throughout the trial by our expert team in a safe environment.

How will I will benefit from joining this clinical trial?

Taking part in a clinical trial can have a wealth of benefits, and we know our volunteers sign up for all sorts of reasons. Our testimonials show just some of the motivations for people to sign up. We run clinical trials because we are dedicated to finding a cure for viruses like the flu which unfortunately claim multiple lives every year. We have some #EverydayHeroes who join us because they too believe in the cause. However, we also have volunteers who have other motivations! FluCamp is a great time to get away from the world and focus. Whether studying, working, or taking a break from both, FluCamp gives volunteers the benefit of being cared for in every regard whilst having plenty of ‘me-time’. FluCampers also choose to stay with us because they like to use the compensation reward towards travelling, a house move, or just for a financial boost. We welcome all fit and healthy volunteers, and appreciate what they are doing to aid our work towards finding a cure!

Help change the world

In exchange for just two weeks of their time, volunteers can walk away with the knowledge that they are helping the future of medical research – and contributing towards discovering a cure for cold and flu viruses that will change the world as we know it.

Our studies are conducted in London, but we will have a chat with you first to assess if you are suitable. You can find out more about our FluCamp trials for cold and flu viruses and also read testimonials from our previous volunteers!

Please note that you may suffer from cold & flu like symptoms if you take part.

Find out below how a volunteer found the FluCamp experience…