We conduct multiple trials, our standard clinical trials for the common cold and flu, and common cold trials with asthmatics.

Most trials last between 11-14 days and are residential, so volunteers will be quarantined during this time. To find out more about the experience of being a volunteer then head over to our blog pages or read below for more information about the trials we run.

You can also watch a quick summary of how our clinical trials work on YouTube.

Visit our FAQs Section

Our FAQ section covers all of the common queries about FluCamp, but if you have any questions then feel free to contact us either via email or call us on 0800 088 2050

Trials with asthmatics

Help us find better treatments for the common cold.
We are always looking for volunteers to help us find better treatments for the common cold. If you have asthma, you’ll know how even a common cold can make your condition worse.

Volunteer for a FluCamp trial and you’ll be helping us further understand cold viruses so we can develop better treatments for all asthma sufferers.

Our groundbreaking work in this field is striving to help create new medications that can reduce the severity of asthma attacks, or stop them before they even start. Taking part in these trials can be incredibly rewarding. You’ll be well compensated for your time and effort too.

If you can say YES to these 3 questions, you can apply...
  • Do you have asthma and regularly use your inhaler?
  • Are you otherwise healthy and aged 18 or over?
  • Can you take part in a residential or outpatient trial within the next 6 months?

Flu & Common Cold Trials

Our standard clinical trials for people aged 18 and over.
We run standard clinical trials to further our understanding of how common cold and flu ruses work, how they affect people, and how we can treat them.

When you volunteer to take part in our studies, you are helping to advance medical research and help us to develop better medicines.

If you can say YES to these 3 questions, you can apply...
  • Are you healthy?
  • Are you aged 18 or over?
  • Can you commit 2 weeks of your time for a residential stay within the next 6 months?

What to expect

If you decide you would like to volunteer for one of our clinical trials then you may be able to take part in as little as 8 weeks. When you choose to apply, here’s what will happen;

  • A screening process to check that we’re sure you’re suitable for one of our clinical trials.

  • If you pass the screening process and an outpatient trial or a residential trial. This will generally last between 11-14 days and will take place at our residential centre in London.

  • A final screening typically 28 days after the end of your trial to make sure you are 100% healthy.

Why FluCamp?

At FluCamp we make sure we do everything we can to make the clinical trial experience as rewarding and enjoyable as possible for you. We like our volunteers to get as much value from their time as possible. Benefits include;

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    Helping Research

    Billions of people every year are affected by cold and flu viruses. You will be helping us to understand more about what we can do to treat them.

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    As thanks for volunteering with us, you will be compensated from

    £100 per day.

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    Time for yourself

    A FluCamp study is generally spent in a quarantined environment, so many use this to take a break, study for a test or exam, or even work remotely.

The Process


Online Applications

Click the apply now button and fill out our simple online form. If you’re potentially suitable for FluCamp we’ll be in touch within a day or two.


Phone Call

We’ll call you to ask a few more medical questions. If you’re suitable as a volunteer and you wish to continue, we’ll invite you to visit one of our screening centres which is closest to you.


1st Screening

We’ll give you all the information you need to decide whether you want to take part in a clinical trial. If you do, we’ll take a small blood sample to make sure you’re right for the upcoming trials we are running.


2nd Screening

If your blood results are suitable, we’ll match you to a study and invite you to visit us again for a full medical. This is to confirm your health status. This stage can take place up to 6 weeks after your first visit.


Your Invitation

Provided you pass the medical we’ll invite you to take part in a study with us scheduled within 6 months of your full medical blood test. If you’re invited to a quarantine trial, you’ll stay in a comfortable private room for typically 11-14 days.


Final Check-up

Normally around a month after the end of your clinical trial we’ll give you a final check-up. This is to make absolutely sure you are completely healthy. Some studies require more than one follow-up visit.


Your Room

If you take part in a residential stay you will have your own private room. Whilst this is a modern medical facility specifically designed to help us treat you and monitor you during the trial, we have also worked hard to make sure your experience is as easy and enjoyable as possible.

Each room is equipped with everything you need to relax, including a flat screen TV, PlayStation 3, WiFi and en-suite bathroom. You can take a look at our testimonials to see how others found the FluCamp experience.