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What does a day look like as a clinical trial volunteer?

FluCamp is a leading clinical research organization focused on studying and developing treatments for respiratory illnesses. We conduct clinical trials and recruit volunteers to contribute to medical breakthroughs in the field. Our mission is to advance scientific knowledge, test vaccines and antiviral drugs, and improve public health outcomes in the fight against the flu.

This guide provides a glimpse into the life of a FluCamp clinical trial volunteer, covering pre-trial preparations, health assessments, study procedures, monitoring, recreational activities, meals, and interactions with the medical staff. It also offers information on how to volunteer for a clinical trial, emphasizing the importance of participation, safety measures, eligibility criteria, informed consent, trial duration, and available support.

To learn more about FluCamp’s ongoing clinical trials and how to volunteer, please visit our trials.

Day in the life of a clinical trial volunteer

During a clinical trial at FluCamp, volunteers can expect a structured routine that includes various activities throughout the day.

Each day typically begins with breakfast, this can be ordered through an app and each volunteer is given a variety of choices, ranging from Granola  and Greek Yoghurt to Sausage and Egg Muffins. This is then followed by daily health checks and tests to monitor vital signs and collect necessary samples.

Throughout the day, volunteers are also able to request unlimited snacks. All meals, including lunch and dinner, are provided to ensure proper nutrition and cater to all dietary requirements, including vegan and halal alternatives.

Volunteers also have free time to relax, engage in recreational activities, study or even work. Adequate rest is encouraged, and bedtime allows for a healthy sleep schedule.

It’s important to note that the example provided is a general representation, and the daily schedule of a clinical trial volunteer at FluCamp can vary depending on the specific trial protocol and individual circumstances. FluCamp customizes each trial to meet the unique requirements of the study, ensuring that volunteers receive tailored care and follow the trial’s specific procedures.

What is it like to be a FluCamp volunteer

If you’re curious about the experience of applying to become a volunteer in one of our trials, we have gathered some insightful quotes from our previous volunteers, which will give you a firsthand glimpse into their journey.

“The best parts were eating meals in bed! The compensation, the rest and recuperation, time off work, the thought of potentially helping others through this research and meeting new people. Your staff are wonderful!”  Read more here.

“The staff were knowledgeable, friendly and did everything they could to make your stay as comfortable as possible. I cannot praise the staff enough, from those at the initial consultation, the telephone operators, nurses and doctors at screening and during quarantine, the clinic staff and PI’s.” Read more here.

“It feels great that I contributed to medical research and of course, the money at the end is a massive bonus! I will definitely be looking to come back next summer! Anyone who’s considering going to FluCamp, I definitely recommend it, it’s a good experience and something you won’t regret.”  Read more here.

How to volunteer for a clinical trial?

The guide covers various topics including the day-to-day experiences of a clinical trial volunteer at FluCamp, the process of volunteering for a trial, safety measures, eligibility criteria, informed consent, trial duration, and available support. If you are interested in volunteering, please visit our website for more information. Or if you have any further questions, contact us here and we will be happy to help.

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An average clinical trial length is 11 – 14 days. To apply for FluCamp please complete our online form. We'll call you back within 24 hours to explain the next steps so you can decide if it's for you.