What Is Flucamp? Paid Clinical Research Trials, London

Why FluCamp?

FluCamp is all about improving the health of the population, through increasing understanding around common viral illnesses.

Ultimately, the more that we understand about how viruses affect the human immune system, the more quickly we can find and test better ways to treat them. The end goal of clinical trials like those we conduct at FluCamp is to potentially eradicate these common illnesses completely – or at least make treatment of them as easy and effective as possible.

Over 300,000

volunteers have applied to join FluCamp

(based on applicants from January 2021-October 2023).


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from 2023).

FluCamp has over 25 years’ experience of running clinical studies, all of which are ethically and regulatory approved.

We have inoculated thousands of volunteers from across the country, all of whom have helped to shape the progression of research.

Our trials generally last 11-14 days and volunteers will be compensated for their help with our important research.

Want to become a volunteer?

We welcome volunteers to take part in our clinical trials under expertly supervised conditions, to further medical research and understanding, and help us to take the understanding of viral illnesses to a new level. Volunteers are central to the work that we do; we couldn’t do it without them. Our studies focus on testing new treatments on real people, in a safe, controlled, clinical environment.

We screen volunteers closely following the application process, and only match them to suitable trials. When the trial starts, we only inoculate them with a low dose of the virus, established after many years of experience, to minimise risk and symptoms, before monitoring the disease cycle as they go from healthy to sick to healthy again in our bespoke medical research facility.


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