FluCamp Is Where You Help Us Fight Flu & Cold Viruses

The more we understand about how viruses affect the human immune system, the more quickly we can find and test better ways to treat them.

That’s why FluCamp exists. We welcome volunteers to take part in our clinical trials under expertly supervised conditions to further medical research and understanding.

We need volunteers for our standard common cold and flu trials, while asthmatics are needed for specific common cold trials.

FluCamp & hVIVO

FluCamp is run by hVIVO, a world leader in clinical trials. hVIVO provides clinical research services for a range of leading industry, governmental and academic organisations.

Volunteers are central to our work as we focus on testing new treatments on real people in a safe, controlled, clinical environment. We screen volunteers closely, only match them to suitable trials, and only inoculate them with a weak cold or flu virus. We then monitor the disease cycle as they go from healthy to sick to healthy again in our bespoke medical research facilities.

  • We have over 25 years’ experience of running clinical trials.
  • We have inoculated thousands of  volunteers in our London and Manchester centres.
  • Our trials generally last 10 to 14 days with volunteers receiving up to £3,000.

Please watch the video for more about hVIVO.

Do you have asthma?

Click to find out more about our common cold trials

Find out more

Click to find out more about our flu & common cold trials

Find out more

Our London centre is located in Whitechapel in the east of the city. You can download directions below or save them to your smartphone to help you find your way to FluCamp.

Queen Mary Bioenterprises
Innovation Centre
42 New Road
E1 2AX


Our Manchester centre is located in South Central/University area of the city. You can download directions below or save them to your smartphone to help you find your way to FluCamp. Parking is available.

Science Parks
Kilburn House
Lloyd Street North
M15 6SE

Volunteer Enquiries

We’re here to answer any questions you have about FluCamp that aren’t covered by our FAQs. Just fill out the form to email us your question or call us on the number below.

0207 756 1414
Monday to Thursday
9am - 8pm
9am - 5pm

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