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FluCamp Referral Scheme

FluCamp is offering volunteers the opportunity to refer friends and family to participate in a FluCamp clinical trial. Subject to the terms and conditions below, such volunteers shall be eligible for compensation should their referral result in a new volunteer completing a clinical trial with FluCamp.

By completing a referral, the Referrer (defined below) is deemed to be in acceptance of these Terms and Conditions.

Terms and Conditions

  1. The Referral Scheme is managed and operated by hVIVO Services Limited (trading as FluCamp), a company registered in England and Wales under number 02326557, with a registered office address at Queen Mary Bioenterprises Innovation Centre, 42 New Road, London, E1 2AX (hereinafter “FluCamp”)
  2. The Referral Scheme is open to FluCamp volunteers who, at a minimum, have completed their first screening visit at a FluCamp facility (once registered, and is the “Referrer”).
  3. To register as a Referrer, and thus be eligible for the Scheme, volunteers must have accepted the Referral Scheme terms and conditions detailed herein, either whilst registering with FluCamp or subsequently via email when prompted by FluCamp. Acceptance of these terms and conditions supersedes any previous terms and conditions of the Referral Scheme. All other terms and conditions remain unchanged
  4. Once the volunteer has attended the first screening appointment, FluCamp shall provide the volunteer with a unique reference code (“Referral Code”), which can subsequently be used to refer new potential volunteers to FluCamp.
  5. Referrers can refer any person to participate in a FluCamp clinical trial, provided the referred volunteer is over the age of 18, is resident in the UK, and has not previously signed up to FluCamp or been referred by another Referrer.
  6. In the event that a referred volunteer completes a FluCamp clinical trial, the Referrer shall be eligible to receive a referral fee of £250.00 (“Referral Payment”).
  7. The Referrer shall only be eligible for a Referral Payment if the following conditions had been met:
    1. the referred volunteer completes a FluCamp clinical trial in full, including attending all appointments and follow ups. Should the referred volunteer be excluded from a trial for any reason and at any point during the trial, the Referrer will not be eligible for a Referral Payment. hVIVO shall have sole discretion in determining whether the referred volunteer has completed the clinical trial; and
    2. the referred volunteer must complete a trial within 12 months of registering with FluCamp.
  8. The referred volunteer must reference the Referral Code provided to them by the Referrer when registering for FluCamp to be considered as a referral of the Referrer. This can be added to the FluCamp registration form at the point of sign up to FluCamp, or be requested verbally if signing up over the phone. All codes must be registered before attendance and completion of a first screening appointment. Codes will not be added after a visit and will not be considered as a referral and the Referrer shall not be eligible for the Referral Payment, even if the referred volunteer completes a FluCamp clinical trial in full. If the referral code is entered incorrectly at the point of registration, the referral will not be valid and the referrer will not receive payment.
  9. There is no limit on how many people a Referrer can refer to FluCamp, nor how many Referral Payments a Referee can receive, except that only one Referral Payment shall be made per referred volunteer irrespective of how many clinical trials that same referred volunteer completes with FluCamp in the future.
  10. A Referrer would not be paid if they refer themselves; this would include reapplying to FluCamp and adding their own existing & current referral code to a new personal application
  11. In the event a Referrer exercises their rights under applicable data protection legislation, including the UK General Data Protection Regulation (as defined by section 3(10) of the Data Protection Act 2018), for their Personal Data to be deleted from all FluCamp systems, they shall no longer be eligible (and shall waive their right to) any future Referral Payments, including but not limited to where a referred volunteer that was referred by the Referrer has already started a FluCamp clinical trial.
  12. A referred volunteer will not be informed that a Referral Payment has been made to their Referrer and FluCamp will not update Referrers on the progress of their referrals. No personal data (as defined by the UK General Data Protection Legislation) relating to the referred volunteer will be provided to the Referrer.
  13. FluCamp reserves the right to withdraw, stop suspend or amend all or any part of the Referral Scheme at any time.
  14. Payment shall be made via a payment link shared by FluCamp, and FluCamp shall endeavour to send the wallet link for payment within 1 month of the referral volunteer completing the clinical trial.
  15. All forms of advertisements which include and promote a Referral Code and are accessible to the wider public and or multiple persons, including, but not limited to, online and physical materials such as videos, social media posts, topic threads, images, and flyers etc are the responsibility of the Referrer and not authorised by FluCamp. FluCamp reserves the right to contact or disqualify a Referrer in the event that, at FluCamp’s sole discretion, it believes that the Referrer is providing misinformation of any kind, is misrepresenting FluCamp, or is acting in contrary to these Terms and Conditions.
  16. The Referrer agrees that FluCamp will not be held liable for any loss or claim arising out of the Referral Scheme.
  17. In the event of any dispute regarding these Terms and Conditions, the rules of the Referral Scheme, and any payment disputes, the decision of FluCamp shall be final and binding, and no correspondence or discussion shall be entered into.