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As adults, most people are aware of the unpleasantness that accompanies being unwell. From the general uncomfortable feeling to actual symptoms, it is not fun to be ill. However, whilst adults have a sense of reason as to why they feel sick and unable to do the things they usually can, it can be harder for children to understand this. It can be easy to put your child in front of the TV and get on with your day, but there are ways for you to help them get over feeling under the weather and brighten their day! Here are some things to do with your sick little one.

Fond memories

Have a look through some of the family photo albums. For younger children it is worth talking them through the picture and who makes an appearance in each photo; younger children very rarely get bored of hearing stories from holidays or family occasions. For older children, letting them go through a photo album by themselves is something they’ll enjoy, they are more likely to point out family members or recall how they felt when this photo was taken. Not only will it distract your child from how they are feeling, but it also allows them to reminisce on happier days.

Indoor activities

Another great way to entertain your unwell child is a fort. Gather up all pillows and blankets around the house and create a comfortable safe space for your child. Making a fort together is sure to bring higher spirits to your child. Once you have finished building your fort, it is time to complete it with your child’s favourite toys and snacks so that they can relax. With all the activities in your fort, your child will be distracted from their distressing symptoms.

While your child may not feel up to big activities, something small that you can plan is a scavenger hunt. Hiding a few of their toys or objects from the household and sending them on a hunt to find them can be fun for your child. Whether the objects themselves are a reward or there’s an ultimate reward at the end, these are great ways to incentivise their hunting. Their prize can even be something small like a chocolate. This can both distract them from being unwell as well as wear them out, so they can get that well-needed rest.

Fresh air

Something adults can forget when looking after a poorly child is the benefits of getting some fresh air. Your house can get horribly stuffy when you’re unwell and stuck indoors, which your child feels too. Sometimes a short walk in fresh air can make your child feel just that little bit better; even if it’s just a short walk down your road while they’re well wrapped up, it makes a difference.

Ultimately, make sure that your child is comfortable. While they may be grumpy and demanding, remember that they are feeling uncomfortable and just want to be cared for and made a fuss of. Lots of fluids and appropriate medication for their age can help to make them comfortable, and ensure that symptoms pass as quickly as possible.

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