Abi's Clinical Trial Experience - At Flucamp, London

My experience of FluCamp is something that I can only speak positively about! The doctors and nurses were all very friendly and I felt reassured that I was in the best of hands. I brought lots of work to do and FluCamp also provided PS3 games and DVDs, so the time really “flu” by (pun intended)! It feels great that I contributed to medical research and of course, the money at the end is a massive bonus! I will definitely be looking to come back next summer! Anyone who’s considering going to FluCamp, I definitely recommend it, it’s a good experience and something you won’t regret. 

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Apply now and get up to £4,400 in compensation

An average clinical trial length is 11 – 14 days. To apply for FluCamp please complete our online form. We'll call you back within 24 hours to explain the next steps so you can decide if it's for you.