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Wednesday 26th September marks this year’s National Fitness Day –  a day dedicated to the celebration of sports and fitness throughout the nation. The day aims to raise awareness of the importance in leading a healthier and more active lifestyle, by encouraging people from all walks of life to get up and break a sweat in the name of fitness.  


Fitness for everyone

National Fitness Day is not limited to just sporting events, though – the overall goal of the day is to get everyone involved in some form of activity or exercise. This can be achieved across a variety of settings, from front rooms in your house, to high streets and even offices. In fact, research suggests that if you exercise with company, you are more likely to stick with it! The social atmosphere creates a positive environment, which is important in helping to drive fun and productivity. So get a group together and work out at work!


Why is fitness important?

The overall benefits of regular exercise are clear in both short term and long term well being, and regular exercise can have a multitude of benefits for both your physical and mental health. However, for many, getting fitter doesn’t come easy. Obstacles can be thrown your way, and some medical conditions may hinder your abilities regarding fitness, as well as your overall performance.


This is especially prominent in those who have asthma, as many individuals who suffer from the condition find it hard to recover after exercise – as well as it affecting the intensity the activity can be performed at. However many people with asthma do exercise on a regular basis, and have learnt ways to overcome their condition and improve their health. If you are looking to exercise more effectively with asthma, or need some tips on how to tackle it, then check out our blog around ‘Can Asthma Sufferers Exercise?’, or take a look at the guidelines from Asthma UK.


Get involved

If you need a little encouragement to get fitter, then National Fitness Day could be the perfect opportunity to try something new. Check out local centres, clubs and gyms throughout the UK as many will be opening their doors to the public for free, giving people the chance to try a new fitness class or hit the treadmill for potentially the first time.


Staying active need not be as challenging as it sounds, and that’s the primary goal for National Fitness Day – to outline how small and simple steps that you choose to make can have a massive impact on your overall health. We at FluCamp encourage you all to take that extra step in terms of your health and fitness, and make that special effort for National Fitness Day.


Let us know what you will be doing for this year’s National Fitness Day, or check out the #FitnessDay and #Fitness2Me hashtags on Twitter to see what other people are doing. Also have a read of our recent blog posts – they may help you with your journey to better health!  

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