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What is FluCamp?

FluCamp welcomes volunteers to take part in our clinical trials under expertly supervised conditions, to further medical research, and help us to take the understanding of respiratory illnesses to a new level. Volunteers are central to the work that we do; Our studies focus on testing new treatments on real people, in a safe, controlled, clinical environment.

Would you like to be a volunteer in one of our trials?

  • Ethically and regulatory approved
  • Safe and controlled clinical environment
  • An empowering experience
  • An average trial lasts 11-14 days and you will be compensated for your time

Would you like to hear about our services or work with hVIVO?

hVIVO are part of Open Orphan plc and are the world leader in the testing of vaccines and antiviral using human challenge clinical trials. Please visit the hVIVO website if you are a business that would like to work with us or hear more details of our services.

Would you like to talk to hVIVO regarding media or press opportunities?

Please visit hVIVO if you would like to talk to us regarding media or press opportunities.