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Being unwell is an irritating situation that we’ve all experienced. Even for a day, being stuck at home while you’re unwell can feel confining and inconvenient. It often feels like the only things that you can do while you’re ill are to sleep or mindlessly flip through channels on the TV. Instead of limiting yourself to watching what is available on the TV, why not get down to watching that series that everyone is talking about, or that you keep promising yourself that you’ll start.

We’ve rounded up some of the best TV shows on IMDb’s Top Rated TV shows list, ready and waiting to be binged.

Planet Earth (I & II)

With Planet Earth and Planet Earth II ranking in 1st and 3rd place on the list, there’s no reason not to binge watch all 17 episodes. Focusing on showcasing life across planet Earth, this documentary series explores a variety of animals in their natural habitats – as well as different areas of the Earth itself. Perfect for taking you away from your own unwell habitat and embarking on an adventure around the world. Planet Earth II has been praised highly for a number of elements, including the aesthetics of the program, as well as the range of animals that the program features. In fact, Planet Earth won 15 awards from 2006-2007 while Planet Earth II received 11 awards in 2017.

Game of Thrones

Due to a large number of key characters with their storylines and the fact that the episodes are a minimum of 50 minutes long, if you haven’t started Game of Thrones yet, which is number 4 on the list, then it can seem like quite a task. This makes it the perfect addition to the list, as you have plenty of time when you’re stuck at home. Game of Thrones is an intense but thrilling story of nine noble families and their journeys to control the magical land of Westeros, while facing some unexpected challenges.

The program itself is notorious for the numerous battle scenes, secrets and references to previous episodes as the series continues. With plenty of characters to engage with and relate to, as well as plenty to loathe, this adventure drama TV show truly is another world. Celebrated for the costumes, storyline and award-winning cast, Game of Thrones has won 270 awards from 2011-2018.

Breaking Bad

Number 5 on IMDb’s top TV show list is Breaking Bad. This crime thriller drama follows the journey of a high school chemistry teacher who is diagnosed with lung cancer, who turns to making and selling methamphetamine to support his family. The program focuses on how good intentions can be molded and shaped by situations in the outside world, and how the lines between good and bad can blur. Breaking Bad has been the winner of 146 awards.

Parks and Recreation

Slightly lower down on the list is Parks and Recreation, the ideal comedy for you to laugh your troubles away. Written by the same writer as The US Office, Parks and Recreation focuses on the antics of an Indiana town’s public officials as they continue to try and make the city a better place. Filled with plenty of high jinks and an award-winning cast, Parks and Recreation delivers the best form of escape – laughter. Parks and Recreation has won 23 awards.

What are your favourite TV shows to watch while you’re sick? We’d love to know.

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