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To become a FluCamp volunteer, all applicants must take part in the screening process. Part of this process means that applicants need to make a trip to London for the screening examinations. So, we thought, why not offer you some ideas of what to do during your visit to the Whitechapel area?

Here our top three choices in restaurants, cultural sites and activities that we recommend for you to check out!


We have selected a list of three restaurants that also have outdoor dining!

Option 1


Food: European/UK

Royal London House, 10th Floor Montcalm, 22-25 Finsbury Square, London EC2A 1DX

If you are looking for a rooftop experience during your time in Whitechapel, then we recommend the Aviary! This place has amazing food which is compliment by beautiful views that overlook London. The Aviary is available for both dining and drinks on the terrace or in their famous igloos that can take groups up to 6 people. This is an exclusive dining experience so it can be a little more on the pricey side!

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Option 2

The Hurt Arms

Food: Gastro Pub/British

The Hurt Arms, Derby Road, Ambergate, DE56 2EJ

This gastropub has history as it was originally built in 1874 by Francis Hurt. Serving locally sourced ingredients, this place is the perfect spot for a more casual, friendly and hearty style of dining. Providing both breakfast and dinner there’s always a good time to grab a bite to eat. Make sure you check out their mouth-watering menu!

Image taken from The Hurt Arms website

Option 3


Food: Lebanese/Middle Eastern

10 Devonshire Square, London EC2M 4YP

A spectacular and authentic dining experience, accompanied by delicious food. This restaurant will get your taste buds flowing and the buzzing atmosphere is one of a kind. This restaurant has a fun and relaxed atmosphere but transports you away to another country. Definitely a favourite!

Image taken from Kenza website

Historical/Cultural Sites:

Option 1

The Royal London Hospital museum

Formely known as the London Hospital

St Augustine with St Philip’s Church, Newark St, London E1 2AA

The Royal London Hospital, formerly known as the London Hospital, has been open since 1740. This museum is dedicated to the stories of this historical hospital and how the hospital it has contributed to the development of modern medicine and in the local area. Highlights of this museum are key figures such as, Edith Cavell and Joseph Merrick (also known as the Elephant Man). Click here to view their brochure! Please note that this is a walking tour and will open once COVID-19 restrictions permit.

Price: FREE!

Opening times may vary

Option 2

Jack the Ripper Museum

A museum situated in a Victorian House

12 Cable St, Aldgate, London E1 8JG

A museum situated in a Victorian house, dedicated to the notorious Jack the Ripper, the infamous murderer from 1888. The killings encouraged hundreds of theories, books and films, each trying to solve the crimes that remain a mystery. Can you solve it? Please note that this is a walking tour and will open once COVID-19 restrictions permit.

Price: Adult £10, Child £8

Open: Friday – Sunday (10am-6pm)

Image taken from Wikipedia

Option 3

Whitechapel Gallery

Fantastic gallery that has premiered works from world class artists

77-82 Whitechapel High St London E1 7QX

This fantastic gallery has premiered works from world class artists from Pablo Picasso to Frida Kahlo. The diversity of the art  on display means that there is something for everyone to enjoy. This gallery is filled with beautiful exhibitions, artist commissions, collection displays, historic archives, education resources, inspiring art courses, Cafe/Bar and even a Bookshop. The Gallery is open all year round, so there is always something free to see. Head to their website to see what is currently on display. Please note that the gallery will not be open until restrictions are lifted.

Open: Monday – CLOSED, Tuesday – Sunday (11am-6pm)

Must visit Site:

Spitalfields Market

Spitalfields Market

16 Commercial St, London E1 6EW

350-year-old London market featuring 31 food/drink stalls, 64 shop stands, 94 events and is open 7 days a week! If you are looking for a casual vibe, we think this is the right spot for you.

Open: Monday – Friday (10am-8pm), Saturday (10am-6pm), Sunday (10am-5pm)

Image taken from Spitalfields website

We hope that you enjoy these amazing London spots and please let us know if you have any recommendations to add to our list! For more information on the screening process and our trials, click here.

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