Trials with Asthmatics

Help us find better treatments for the common cold

We are always looking for volunteers to help us find better treatments for the common cold. If you have asthma, you’ll know how even a common cold can make your condition worse. Volunteer for a FluCamp trial and you’ll be helping us further understand cold viruses, and how they affect your condition.

Our groundbreaking work in this field is striving to help create new medications that can reduce the severity of asthma attacks, or stop them before they even start. Taking part in these trials can be incredibly rewarding. You’ll be well compensated for your time and effort too.

If you can say YES to these 3 questions, you can apply...
Do you have asthma and regularly use your inhaler?
Are you otherwise healthy and aged 18-65?
Can you take part in a residential or outpatient trial within the next 6 months?

What to expect

If you would like to apply to be a volunteer for one of our asthmatic trials, then we could have you on board in just 8 weeks. So what happens when you click the apply button below?

We run a screening process to make sure you’re suitable (and healthy) for our clinical trials.

If you pass the screening test and choose to take part, then your residential trial will last for around 10-15 days.

Around 28 days after completion of the trial we will ask you back for an outpatient test to ensure you’re 100% healthy.

Why FluCamp?

At FluCamp we ensure that your experience of our clinical trial experience is as beneficial as possible. Benefits of the trial include;

Helping research

You’ll be assisting with research to improve our knowledge of how to treat and manage viruses that affect billions of people yearly.


As thanks for volunteering with us, we will compensate  you up to £3,750.

Time for yourself

A FluCamp study is generally spent in a quarantined environment, so many use this to take a break, study for a test or exam, or even work remotely.