FluCamp are conducting a COVID-19 challenge trial to test new antiviral treatments.

In this trial, volunteers will be invited to stay in our private, London quarantine unit.

Why participate?

  • You will receive compensation of £250 a day
  • A full health check
  • It’s your chance to help advance medical research

Why are we doing this study?

COVID-19 is a serious condition that can particularly effect the vulnerable in society.

There are currently no effective treatments to prevent or cure serious disease for people with severe symptoms.

You could receive compensation of over £8,000

You are provided with:

  • A private en-suite room

  • All food and snacks

  • High quality WiFi

  • TV

  • Playstation 4

  • Desk Space

What is required?

You may be asked to self isolate for 3 days before your residential stay.

You will need to attend our quarantine unit for at least 17 days.

You may be asked to self isolate at home for 2 weeks after your stay.

What are the risks?

All clinical trials contain risks. These will be clearly communicated to you before participation.

We screen volunteers to make sure they are as healthy as possible before participating.

You will be given private access to a Doctor during the informed consent process to ensure you fully understand the processes and the risks involved.