Our Flu and Common Cold Trials

Our standard clinical trials for people aged 18-65

Our standard clinical trials help us better understand how common cold and flu viruses work, how they affect people and how they can be treated. By taking part you are helping advance medical research and aiding the development of better medicines.

If you can say YES to these 3 questions, you can apply...
Are you healthy?
Are you aged 18-65
Can you commit 2 weeks of your time for a residential stay within the next 6 months?

What to expect

If you’re interested in applying for one of our clinical trials you could find yourself taking part in as little as 8 weeks. Here’s what to expect if you click the apply button below.

  • A screening process to make sure you’re suitable for one of our clinical trials.
  • An Outpatient trial or a residential trial lasting 10-14 days if you pass the screening process and choose to take part.
  • A final screening typically 28 days after the end of your trial to make sure you are 100% healthy.

Why FluCamp?

At FluCamp we do everything we can to make the clinical trial experience as rewarding as possible for you. The three main benefits of taking part are below.

Helping research

You’ll be helping us improve our understanding and treatment of viruses that afflict billions of people every year.


Spend 2 weeks in FluCamp and you could receive up to £3,750

Time for yourself

Volunteers use their time at FluCamp to study for exams, learn musical instruments, work remotely or simply take a break.