SIMON - FluCamp

Case Study Overview

In this case study video, you can hear from Simon, a personal trainer from Southampton. He felt reassured that there was someone on hand to answer any questions he had before the trial, and felt that he was in good hands during his time at our facility. Although Simon found that the quarantine portion of the study could be a little boring, due to being on his own, he used the time to catch up on films and do some research into new training techniques to use when he got home. Plus, he has since been able to travel around the world exploring and soaking up some sun!

All of our volunteers help us to continue to research and develop cures for the common cold and flu, through the studies that they take part in. If you’re thinking about registering to take part yourself, these case studies can help to give you an insight into how our trials are run.

We know that, a lot of the time, facts and figures aren’t always able to answer all of the questions you may have. That’s why we’ve spoken to some of our previous Everyday Heroes, who are sharing their experiences of their time at FluCamp to offer tons more information to people who may be considering taking part in a trial for the first time. Whether you have some concerns, or just want to know what it feels like, our volunteers are on hand to give you a first person account of their time with us.

If, like Simon, you’re interested in becoming a Flu Camp volunteer and want to join the ranks of our Everyday Heroes, or simply want to find out more about how FluCamp works, then visit our main information page or our trials page. You can also read more testimonials from other Happy Campers – or simply sign up today!