Can I be reconsidered for a trial? - FluCamp

If you are not suitable for a trial with us after your initial blood test, we may retest your blood sample to see if you are a suitable candidate for another trials.
We choose the volunteers who are best suited to the trial we are running, so even if you are not initially selected it may be that we get back in touch at a later date to offer you a place.
If you have already volunteered with us, this does not discount you from returning for another trial. We regularly get back in touch with volunteers to ask them to return.
If you have any questions about your blood being retested, or want to discuss whether it is possible to be reconsidered, then please get in touch with our call centre on 0207 756 1414.


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An average clinical trial length is 11 – 14 days. To apply for FluCamp please complete our online form. We'll call you back within 24 hours to explain the next steps so you can decide if it's for you.